What I Learned – Final

During my semester of Social Media class with Professor Nixon, I learned a lot about, none other than, social media. Who would have thought?! Although there were many times during this class that the question of, “Why?” seemed to slip my lips, or perhaps the occasion that my hair may have fallen out in a few places, I did receive a lot of knowledge.

I appreciated most the blog requirements. Even though it was the most frustrating assignment, for me personally, I did learn a lot in all of the posts: topics of the week, PR connections, and in commenting on others blogs. This had such a wide variety of different aspects throughout social media that I was able to become aware of, be educated on, and write about them.

My favorite topic of the week was when we had to discuss our favorite super bowl commercial. I, of course, watched the super bowl secretly only to see the commercials. My friends and I had fun debating which ones were our favorite or which ones we thought were superfluous. A lot of us agreed on the typical Doritos and beer commercials–specifically Bud Light. It was interesting to see what big companies with lots of money can pull together for commercials that will gain millions of views.

It was also interesting to read what others in the class thought about certain commercials. Some marked particular commercials as offensive, which at first I was surprised. Upon reading their reasoning and perspective, I could understand their point of view; however, at some point I think that you have to kick back and say, “It’s the media.” There are only so many limitations that we can put on them, and they on us.

Overall, I thought this was a very beneficial class for my knowledge of social media and to enable me in my upcoming future. I feel more prepared to encounter future public relations endeavors.


Yet Another Guest Blogger

Classmate Melanie Shoults had some fabulous things to say about Coca-Cola and their social media usage:

I tweeted about a marketing project on Coca-Cola I was doing for a class and referred to @CocaColaCo. Within an hour, they had tweeted me back, posting a link to their “Student Resources” webpage.

Just like any good PR pro would say, keeping in communication with the company’s customers is vital to maintaining online customer relations.

When another follower posted a question to @CocaCola about a song Coke used in one of their ads, they immediately replied with a link to an information request form where he could get the information he needed. Thus, I believe they are making very good use of their Twitter account.

Although most of their communication on that Twitter account is in English, they don’t just tweet in English. Coca-Cola is a worldwide corporation and they realize that not all their customers speak one language, so they’ve created an account for nearly every region they do business in, like Spain, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, etc. Just two days ago, I saw they tweeted a response to a follower in Portuguese, even though he had tagged the “English” account.

They even deal with customer complaints on Twitter.

On yesterday, one person from Italy was ranting about how weird American bottled water was because we feel the need to purify and filter our water.

He tagged @CocaCola and @Nestle.

Coke replied within 45 minutes with what seemed to come straight out of their PR manual: “Its done to remove most minerals and impurities from our local bottler’s water supply.” But it’s still better than Nestle’s answer a day later….. nothing.

Guest Blogger: My Roommate

My roommate Ruthie Glover created her own blog a few months ago, and with each post she inspires me in a different way. Here is a sample, and I hope you feel the same way:

As the stress of the new semester begged to move right in I decided that this time I would not let it. No matter how busy things will get I am choosing to stay relaxed this whole semester. This is only because I have realized there is truly nothing that important to waste my thoughts or time worrying about. Figuring out papers, projects, work schedules and volleyball practices are all a blessing. I have an opportunity to go to college, to have a job, and play sports. I do not see a negative in any of these. So next time you are feeling overwhelmed, decide to be thankful instead. 

My family, they are all amazing!

I am so thankful for my friends, they always help me through anything.

My Mac! It saves me so much time and effort.

Spring Break 2011, cannot wait.

Viral Videos

What makes videos go viral? Is it that they are hilarious? Or maybe they are so relatable? Whatever it may be, there are many different examples on types of videos that have gone viral.

David After Dentist


Cats Playing Patty-Cake – what they were saying

For these above videos, they are mostly popular because they are common people/things that add humor to everyday life. These things are relatable–we have all gone to the dentist and probably all been under some type of anesthesia, we have all seen or heard the hilariously funny things that come out of kids’ mouths, and we have all seen animals playing together and often (for some) wondered what exactly are they saying to each other. These videos were produced by common people who maybe wanted to share with friends or family on a public portal, and once the rest of the public gained notice of these they became viral. And for these people, as well as most other videos that have gone viral, they are now gaining money off of advertisements that have embedded themselves in each view that the video gets.

Interview with Kneale Mann

An interview with Kneale Mann by Barbara Nixon shed some light on a lot of useful information such as:

1. to become a better writer…write yourself!

2. comments mean more than you think…you like it, and so will others.

3. network yourself…Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. Others will comment on your writing and give you various feedback.

4. be careful to broadcast too much about the company that you work for because you are still representing your company (and yourself).

Everything overlaps and coincides with everything else: PR, social media, marketing, advertising, communications, etc. Just like getting a job in business may still require you to tap into your communications skills, getting a job in event planning will still use skills from marketing and social media.

Mann also says to not worry about the changing technology. Well, worry is a relative term, but what he says during this interview is that there is no stopping technology; therefore, it’s inevitable that everyone will have to become acclimated to the changing technology.


Social bookmarking has become valued to many people around the world. When I was first introduced to this, I wasn’t quite sure how useful it would be because if I like a site and use it a lot, I simply place it in my favorites or in my toolbar on my computer and therefore will have access to it wherever I go. However, the problem occurs when I don’t have my computer with me.

Diigo is a social bookmarking site that allows anyone to sign up for free and mark their favorite sites. This way, it doesn’t matter where you are, you will always have access to your favorite sites (that is, if you have access to the internet).

Not only is this accessible to you, but you can share your bookmarks with friends, family, and groups that you are involved with.

Some have the concern that having your bookmark sites broadcasted on the internet would make it too public. However my Diigo site, I have the option to put some bookmarks on private.

More Blog Comments

On April 21, 2011 Video Interviews to the Rescue by: Chelsey Lynn

If I hadn’t known what TOW #12 was, I wouldn’t have been able to understand what this blog post was about. As the title states, the blog, I would assume, would be about video interviews and how they can help me. The content of this blog doesn’t seem to relate whatsoever about video blogs. However, what she did have to say and the things that she said she learned from this interview were great points–one of which is the exercise of writing when you don’t even know what to write about. Simply the action of writing can evoke a topic and produce a blog post.

On April 21, 2011 Podcast? What for? by: Whitney Gonzalez

The three points of why a company should podcast is very on target. If any company were to become aware of these reasons, I don’t see why any company would hesitate podcasting their information. She made a good point for churches to podcast their sermons. Most modern-day churches today have online web streams and/or morning broadcasts of their services live. To have their sermons in another form of media would only reach another portion of people. Although this could cause a small controversy in the hard-core churchgoers with the argument of being surrounded by a body of believers and being in communion with one another; however, this would help in simply spreading the Word.

On April 21, 2011 When having a virus is a good thing… by: Laurie Lea

She gave great examples of viral videos. Of her three examples, I would assume that everyone has seen at least one of the videos. Going viral would almost ensure that. The reasoning of why videos can go viral is very appropriate and relevant, but there can be more videos. Basically anything that people are remotely interested in, if the video has humor or relatability (like Laurie said), or if it’s grotesque, has any type of shock factor, is mildly (or openly) crude or critical then most people would like it and, therefore, make the video become viral. Obviously no one can predict how people react because humor, shock, etc. is all subjective to the audience. This is why it’s still, for the most part, unknown as to what might become viral over time (or over night).

On April 21, 2011 Character Matters by: Mike Trivett

This blog post proved it’s reasoning! It was very encouraging to me…and in a way, convicting as well. For myself, I work in the restaurant business and it’s hard for me to take pride in what I do because I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life; it’s simply a job that pays the bills. However, this blog encouraged me to take pride in the little things that I’m doing (such as this job or even the homework that may or may not be pointless). By practicing this exercise in any situation, it will become easier to portray my pride later on in life. And just like Mike, I would hope that it would be appreciated by those whom I surround.

On April 21, 2011 What is Foursquare?? by: Stephen Ponce

I asked myself the same question when this service first came to my knowledge, along with many other questions, such as: Seriously? Another social media networking site? I’m all for networking, but sometimes it gets overwhelming to participate in ALL of them. Therefore, I decided to educate myself on this particular one, like Stephen did. I agree with Stephen that this is a great tool for businesses and customers to utilize; however, I can’t get over the fact of how accessible it would make me. I thoroughly enjoy social media networks, and it’s inevitable that once you begin to participate in even just one form of social media that your privacy is invaded; but this new network might just breach my comfortability. I’m all for obtaining to specials and rewards from using these sites, and I’m certainly willing to allow companies to gain exposure through mine as well as others use of this site; however, the thought of people knowing exactly where I am everywhere I go is a little unnerving. Maybe it’s one of those things that you just have to try.