Online Etiquette

I have recently began blogging—at first it was just because one of my college courses required it, but then I found that I enjoyed writing down my thoughts on a more public site than just my journal. One thing that made it fun to blog and share my thoughts was that I would receive feedback.

Comments are an integral part of blogging. I’ve had blogs that no one would comment on, which made me feel like I was sharing with no one. However, if I would receive comments that were either spam comments or ones that didn’t apply, it would seem like a waste of time that I even read them. Yes, comments are necessary to further one’s participation in the blog world; however, the content of the comments is what really matters.

I am not an expert on blogging by any means, nor am I an expert in social media to its extent, but being apart of different social network has allowed me to be exposed to various “comment etiquette”. I came across a post called A template for every awful Facebook discussion you\’ve ever witnessed., which pretty much sums up the personalities of people when they comment on something. This particular post is obviously regarding Facebook, but I think it can apply to anything and everything that enables comments.

I love positive comments that encourage my writing and topic choices—who wouldn’t?—but also constructive criticism is always good too. If no one were able to give critiques of people’s writings, there wouldn’t be any improvement. I think a good guideline on writing comments on another’s blog post would be if I wouldn’t say it to someone face-to-face, then I shouldn’t post it online. This might even be a good guideline in online etiquecy regardless of posting comments.


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i enjoy music. i hate clutter. i like to work out. im moved by nature. im inspired by people. i adore my family. i love life.

One Response to Online Etiquette

  1. taraschwartz says:

    This was a really great post Linds, I feel the same way about what you say in cyberspace should be something you are willing to say to them face to face.
    So here goes, your blog posts are pretty excellent because you are very conversational, and funny. You are great at writing in a way that keeps people hooked and wanting to read your opinions on something, even if it’s a potentially boring topic, just to engage in how you percieve it or the way you poke fun at it.
    Keep it up!

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