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Social Media Participation by: MikeFromVA

That’s great the you got started on Twitter and blogging through WordPress (even if it’s only blogging for class). I’m a PR major also, and I think it’s great to at least have a knowledge about different social networks, if not participate in them. Although I agree with your statement about Facebook being an abused site, especially in our generation, I also think it’s a great way to network yourself and to stay connected–not only with friends and family, but with businesses and musicians. To use your own words, people can be creative through these forms of communication; however, like you also said, we do have to be careful–especially in casual sites like Facebook and Twitter–with what we post if we are truly trying to promote and network ourselves. Good insight, though!

So many social networks, so little time. by: TaraSchwartz

Sounds like your social networking use is pretty normal (mine is too). That’s good that you are broadening your horizons and wanting to use LinkdIn. I feel your pain with the constant changing in technology. Even with the possibility of starting an account through LinkIn is intimidating; not only is it having to keep up with yet another network, but simply the learning about and maintenance of the network is a lot to handle. However, Friendfeed seems to placate my mind…at least for a moment. Good luck to you and all of your future social networking endeavors!

Comment on My Blog. Please? by: Whitness07

It’s slightly ironic that I’m commenting on a post about blog comments, but nevertheless I      completely agree with your statements. It’s always great to receive comments on our thoughts and  feelings (even if we are required to comment for our grade).  Commenting is also a good way to  connect with people, like you said. Although it’s not as productive, if you will, as compared to  Facebook as it pertains to connecting through comments, it does provide other insight and    perspective than just your own. So here is a question for you: If someone’s comment persuaded you  into a different form of thinking, would you then be affected and, therefore, change your perspective?

Obama\’s administration fraught with \”distractions\” by: LLCobb

I’m not really one to comment on this topic because I’m a bad citizen and don’t really stay up with the current news (that’s what Facebook and Twitter are for); however, I thought your stand-point on this ever-so-trending topic was interesting. Although I have to give kudos to our President for canceling an undoubtedly much-needed family vacation to help with the oil spill, it is interesting of all the little things that he is doing in hopes of, like you said, “to win back the heart of America.” Things such as having a Facebook and Twitter account, and being the first and only in-office president to go on a late night talk show sure seem like he’s doing more to save his career than to save his people.


Are you ready for some great commercials? by: GilBoy629

First of all: Go Packers! Thank you for being sick of the Steelers, because they seem about the equivalent of the Lakers. (Sorry if you like the Lakers.) But I am also excited about the commercials. I’m assuming you are among the group that you professed to be “massively obsessed with public relations and media”. If so, you should have included your predictions of who will have the best commercials this Super Bowl season. Also, if I may make another suggestion, it would have been nice to have had a link to the Snickers commercial with Betty White from last year. Although I have already seen it, and agree that it was well-deserved to be a fan favorite, some people reading this blog may have not seen it.


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