Kenneth Cole Tweet: A PR Horror or Horray?

Some may have heard about the recent uproar over fashion designer, Kenneth Cole, and his “apathetic” tweet about the upset in Egypt. Well, if you haven’t heard of the tweet, I’m sure you have heard of the protests is the land of the pyramids–unless a hole has been your bed for the past few weeks.

In Ragan\’s PR Daily, many public relations issues are discussed as news topics and suggestive ideas. The Kenneth Cole Tweet was the big article on February 4th, and some of the article’s ideas rang surprising and yet true when I read them.

Cole’s tweet on February 3rd, shown left, was perceived as insensitive and apathetic toward the real Cairo uproar. Upon hearing of the enraged followers, it took his company two hours to take down the tweet with the link to his website. Although Ragan agrees that it was a bad move for the company to take so long to undo (or at least make better) the bad situation, he states by having the tweet along with the site available for viewers to access may have increased his online traffic and quite possibly have boosted his shopping cart.

First of all, I would like to disagree with all of the social media followers who were offended by his tweet. I, personally, thought that it was a cute twist and ploy to advertise for his spring collection and its availability online. In an advertising perspective, I thought it was good to simultaneously link worldwide current news to your brands current news–people are more apt to see the advertisement. And in this case, people definitely saw it.

At the conclusion of this article, Ragan states that it was unlikely that Cole attempted to calculate the “offensive” tweet for the sole purpose of “whipping up traffic to its shopping cart”. Also, just as quickly as followers were up in arms against the designer, they will quickly forget the twitter fumble and move on to the next trending topic.


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