Super Bowl Ad Gone Wrong

In my previous post, I concluded by stating that people will quickly forget the current mishap and move on to the next. Well mark my words because just three tiny days later anger was transported from the Kenneth Cole tweet mistake onto the Super Bowl Ad fail.

As we all know, the Super Bowl is known for more than just great football. The roughly five hour prime-time television is home to some of the greatest–and most expensive–commercials of the year. Every year nearly one billion viewers turn their televisions and cue their critical caps toward the best, and worst, commercials. Fan favorites has always been Doritos and Bud Light; however, people not only look for the funny commercials, but also the distasteful ones.

Among this year’s winner of most controversial commercial is Groupon. The New York Times article, Did Groupon Cross the Line in Super Bowl Ad Debut?, discusses the Groupon commercials and how they all collectively remained offensive: “There is Cuba Gooding Jr. lamenting the fate of whales, while touting a 43 percent discount on a whale-watching boat ride. And there is Elizabeth Hurley, intoning about the rapid deforestation of the Brazilian rain forest…followed by a not that ‘not all deforestation is bad,’ like a 50 percent discount on a Brazilian wax in New York City.” To viewers, although discounts to high-priced services would be a good thing, the delivery seemed insensitive to the real-life issues.

During their Super Bowl commercials, Groupon seemed unaware of viewers upheaval as their Twitter revealed. But again, just as people squatted on the Kenneth Cole issue, these Groupon squatters will soon squat somewhere else in PR chaos.




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