Adam Vincenzini’s Q & A

Adam Vincenzini asked on Twitter and on his blog for people to share what they thought social media meant in 140 characters, or less. He was provided with a list of definitions by his followers. All of them were great definitions, but there were a few that stood out to me the most:

@trevoryoung Social media is a catalyst for change – change in the way we connect with each other, change in the way businesses communicate with the world*

@BarbaraNixon Social Media provides a new way for us to listen to, learn from, laugh with, and (lol) even loathe each other.

@GemmaCocker Joe Bloggs, please let me introduce you to Limitless Opportunity. Oh, hello, The Man, I’d love for you to meet, Bare All.

The first definition, provided by @trevoryoung, was, to me, a great, yet typical definition of social media. Social media is definitely a catalyst, as he put it, and it will change as the years, and even months, go by. Also, as this definition suggests, social media links customers to businesses, celebrities to networks, and friends to friends. Who ever thinks of picking up the phone anymore–to call that is? Rather, people are using their phones and other devices for networking to its max!

The second definition, provided by @BarbaraNixon, was made complete with accuracy, alliteration, and even comic relief. Information is provided through social media that allows us to do everything that she listed–especially the latter.

The last definition, provided by @GemmaCocker, was probably my favorite of all, as was Mr. Vincenzini’s. This was so creatively stated, yet so perfect regarding social media that I had to include it in my highlight’s, along with some emphasis. Social media is, in fact, and opportunity that is limitless to all. It allows us to be introduced to the world by way of our own “nakedness”. With involvement of social media comes vulnerability, which will be displayed for everyone to read, see, and judge.

My own developed 140-character social media definition? @lindsayyshort my thoughts, words, pictures, and emotions for your intrigue, amusement, judgement, and obsession.


About lindsayyshort
i enjoy music. i hate clutter. i like to work out. im moved by nature. im inspired by people. i adore my family. i love life.

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