My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

There were Super Bowl ads that warmed the hearts of some, struck the funny bone of many, and, as always, left a number offended after watching on February 6th, 2011. However, my fancy swung toward one in particular: Bud Light Hack Job.

It always seems that the beer companies have the best and the funniest commercials–Miller Lite in 2010, Heineken in 2010, and again Bud Light in 2009. Bud Light seemed to have a stellar creative team behind this years commercials (Bud Light Dog Sitter was averaged in the top five of favorite Super Bowl commercials this year). Obviously targeted toward middle-aged alcohol drinkers, Bud Light always seems to come up with creative, and funny, messages to their viewers.

In this commercial, as is most beer commercials, the primary target is the late-20s to early-40s male. The wife is not so thrilled about her new kitchen “renovation”, but once she sees her husband enjoying it, and also sees the crowd coming to partake in the enjoyment, she is convinced that the renovation was a good one and enjoys the party as well.

For the Super Bowl, we, as viewers, watch the commercials expecting them to make us laugh. When a commercial airs that is less than hilarious, we are almost disappointed. It takes a special team of creative geniuses to compile a message for a commercial that will not only relay their meaning but do so in a funny and unique manner. I think Bud Light accomplished this in the year 2011 for the Super Bowl.


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