Social Media: Friend or Foe?

We always hear great things in terms of social media—if it wasn’t so great, I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg would be the billionaire that he is today.  However, could social media be bad? Mark Ragan, Shel Holtz and a team of well-educated professionals in the business discuss this.

Shel Holtz, an avid blogger and principal of Holtz Communication and Technology, obviously loves the idea and concept of blogging. At the beginning of this discussion, he is trying to implement blogging as apart of Mark Ragan’s company, Ragan Communications.

In Holtz attempt to convince Ragan to implement blogging, he states that blogging helps the company/customer relationship because they can communicate and be informed of one another. So many times are there misconceptions or misunderstandings and blogging can clear that up. Holtz also says customers are going to talk about the company and product regardless, so it might as well be on the company blog so that the company can be aware of what is being said about their business and/or product.

Ragan doesn’t like the obligation to keep up with a blog as well as the rest of his busy schedule, but a suggestion is raised at the employees keeping the customers in the loop via a blog. All that the customers want to know from the CEO is the general company upkeep; the other employees can inform the customers on anything that they wish.

Blogging is also beneficial as it deals with market research. The company can post a blog about potential products or advertising and get customer feedback before they put it on the market. This way, the company will be able to tell if that product or advertisement will be valuable and worth their time and money.

A frequent question for companies when a new system is being introduced is: What is going to be my ROI? Terry McKenzie of Sun Microsystems answers, “Customer feedback is priceless!” Having your customers be informed, encourage communication, allowing them to feel listened to and appreciated, will only reap benefits for your company and provide loyal customers.

Holtz encourages companies to be transparent with their customers and in turn they will have happy campers: both customers and employees.


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