Food Photography Not So Appetizing

Marketers scheme up different ways to get people to purchase anything and everything. Most of the time when it comes to food, we don’t have to be enticed too much into eating something; however, the market has a way to make items on the menu look more appealing. Dane Cook said it best when referring to the fast food pictures, “I don’t know who the photographer is who does the french fry shots. He’s fantastic. He’s the best. Just the way the fries are shooting up out of there. They’re dancing up out of that box like they’ve been freed from some kind of purgatory. Those fries look like a glamour shot. They’re just fantastic.” 

Granted, if you are not a fry consumer then they might not make your taste buds salivate, but all food is picked, placed, and designed to look finger-lickin’ good. Ragan\’s PR Daily covers the behind-the-scenes information about how photographers make all food look fantastic in the article 8 tricks of the food photography trade.

Tricks including motor oil, shoe polish, and glycerin are among the top resources in making consumers consume even more. Obviously we don’t consume those particular items, but the very thing that interests us on the menu does not translate to what is in front of us on our plates. However, interesting as it may be, when photographing ice cream, brands are not allowed to use “fake” ice cream in an advertisement, but any topping–whipped cream, hot fudge, savory fruit–can be as fake as my grandmother’s hair.

Rule of the day: don’t judge food by its picture. Next time we are torn between the 900 calorie, deep-fried, coconut-covered shrimp, and the mouth-watering, gooey-filling, cholesterol-packed peanut butter brownie, we should be reminded of the non-edible ways of the conniving marketers for the various well-known restaurants.


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2 Responses to Food Photography Not So Appetizing

  1. laurielea says:

    I love the way that man in your blog waxed poetic about advertised french fries. Freed from purgatory? That’s excellent. There have been several times I’ve visited McDonalds for their famous french fries and have been reminded that those amazing pictures I see on television are completely unreal. Marketers are smart. They know we’ll fall for the shoe polish…that or whatever nasty fake substance they decide to use to make food look irresistible.

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