15 Minute Press Releases

Going into the PR field (hopefully, that is), if I’m not specifically a PR representative, I will be doing something pertaining to my major (again, hopefully). Any PR representative, or something of the like, will need to write press releases. An article in Ragan\’s PR Daily discusses the very things that any future PR employee would have to know. Appropriately named How to write a killer press release in 15 minutes, we will discover and become professionals at doing just that.

Without having to sacrifice quality of the press release, Mickie Kennedy has come up with six tips on “How to write a killer press release in 15 minutes”. The first tip is to keep a list of ideas. This will save a lot of time when I sit down to finally write about something, so that I don’t have to wonder and waste time figuring out what to write about.

The second tip is to stay on point. Press releases are exactly that, releasing to the press vital information. The press doesn’t care about the intimate details of the situation, primarily the highlights. If they would like to know more elaboration on the topic, that is why every press release ends with contact information.

The third tip is to outline your press release. By creating something like bullet-point formation of what I want to write about, this will help keep me focused on what to include and write next.

The fourth tip is write when you’re inspired. This could be cautionary if someone were to only be inspired once in a blue moon; however, I would hope that anyone in the creative field would be more inspired than average. And as we all know, when we are inspired to write something we are passionate about, everything comes much easier and more smooth.

The fifth tip is to recycle old information when possible. Kennedy encourages to reuse the basic information about the company and products/services. There is clear time shaving with this step.

And the last tip is edit later. By editing while writing, it kills the flow–and undoubtedly kills the inspiration that was hard to work for in the first place. Edit once everything is written and completed. That way, there won’t be any disrupt in the flow.

By following these steps, Kennedy promises 15-minute press release knock out time. Good luck to your future press release writing days!


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2 Responses to 15 Minute Press Releases

  1. harden49 says:

    The idea of making a list: genius. When the pressure’s on to write a press release sometimes remembering all the details can be hard. That list will defiantly help take the stress out of work. I also like the prewriting or outline is a good tip too.

    The usage of old material was a bit shocking for me. I guess it makes sense to reuse what you can, but I think people get stuck thinking that if something isn’t new and original it’s no good. To be honest people would probably like a recap on a company. Odds are there isn’t a press release every week and consumers are going to forget some of the basic info on a company.

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