PR Open Mic

PROpenMic is a social network developed by Auburn University’s Robert French. This social network is targeted toward Public Relations students, faculty, and practitioners worldwide. This network connects people involved in Public Relations, providing future internships, job forums, etc. This is a network focused on learning and sharing.

According to their Facebook page, they are an ad-free and non-profit with an education focus. This is free to join!

The things that this social network offers are: blog listsforum discussionsvideosphotosgroups and eventsjobs and internships, and much more. This network functions much like other social networks–updating statuses, uploading photos, chatting, etc. However, something that is different from this network compared to the other social networking sites is that PROpenMic allows to members to interact in other ways rather than just blogging or photos. This is similar to LinkedIn, in that members should be professional due to potential internship and job offers through this site.

In various discussion pieces, unlike Facebook or Twitter, members can see and participate in discussions with those who are not friends of the member or with those who are not following, or being followed by the member. This provides more interaction and availability to network outside of one’s comfort zone.

This site is also very good with potential jobs and internships. Just like statuses are updated on Facebook, and like tweets are shown on Twitter, this has updated jobs and internships for its members to be the first to have access to. Not only does it upload possible positions through their own website, but it gives other portals for finding a job or internship–such as TwitJobSearchPRWeekJobs, and O\’Dwyers Jobs.


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