Phone Etiquette

It used to be rude whenever someone whipped out their phone and was texting during a conversation, but now it seems that it’s almost commonplace for people to be having multiple conversations via texting/tweeting as well as a face-to-face conversation. A recent New York Times article, posted by columnist David Carr, titled Keep Your Thumbs Still When I\’m Talking to You, elaborates on how it’s normal to have a person whom you are talking to be engaged in a texting conversation with someone else. Carr says, “Here’s the funny part: If she is looking over your shoulder at a room full of potentially more interesting people, she is ill-mannered. If, however, she is not looking over your shoulder, but into a smartphone in her hand, she is not only well within modern social norms, but is also a wired, well-put-together person.”

Now, everyone is wired in one form or another. Carr adds, “When I go out to dinner with my peers these days, it’s not considered weird at all to pull out your phone. In fact, the situation has sort of reversed itself: You feel awkward if everyone else is using their phones and you’re not. It happens. A lot.”

I completely agree with this article. It’s almost weird to not have a phone out and your awareness buried in technology. However, there are certain situations in which it is against proper etiquette to be texting or tweeting.

In Ragain\’s PR Daily‘s article titled  “Emily Post explains texting and tweeting etiquette,” Emily Post is quoted saying, “The guideline [to texting and tweeting etiquette] is that you do not text-message when you are involved in any type of social interaction—conversation, listening, in class, at a meeting, or, especially, at the dinner table.”


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