Twitter: a go or a no?

Kami Huyse, a 16-year PR veteran and co-founder of Zoetica, has her own blog called Communication Overtones. In her most recent post, BlogHer Study Shows the Continued Slide of Twitter Influence, Facebook Makes Gains, she evaluates Twitter usage compared to other social media networks.

As the title of her blog post states, a BlogHer study proves that most people say blogs and Facebook are their preferred network of social media.

Although there are pros with Twitter (immediate updates on thoughts and whereabouts–of yourself, your friends, and celebrities), it’s downfall according to Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder of BlogHer, is that it doesn’t serve a compelling purpose and that it doesn’t help regular people how to use it well because it only suggests to follow celebrities.

Twitter’s popularity rose because of “its ease of access and the ability for marketers, and anyone else, to bend the service to almost any purpose. It is the democratized social network.”

Elisa mentions an article by Fortune Magazine, in which they pointed out the following: “This is one area in which [Twitter] has the upper hand over Facebook. Facebook communications are private unless a user chooses to make them public; all tweets are public, which gives marketers a potentially richer pool of content for targeted ads.”

Out of curiosity, I polled some people myself, of which it seemed to be split down the middle: half were dedicated to Facebook, the other half enjoyed Twitter more. The Facebook followers said that the reason they were more apt to use Facebook over Twitter was because they felt that they could stay in touch with a more vast array of friends and family, as well as the entertainment of the pictures. The Twitter followers said that their reasoning behind their answer was because they liked the freedom to post whatever they are thinking, feeling, and/or doing as well as seeing what others were thinking, feeling, and doing.

One of Elisa’s point to the predicted Twitter fallout was that it used to be a site in which people could post questions and they would receive answers. However, she says, “Today, if you ask a question, it is likely to get ReTweeted, but less likely to get answered. It has increasingly become a broadcast channel vs. a relational one.”


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