Guest Blogger: My Roommate

My roommate Ruthie Glover created her own blog a few months ago, and with each post she inspires me in a different way. Here is a sample, and I hope you feel the same way:

As the stress of the new semester begged to move right in I decided that this time I would not let it. No matter how busy things will get I am choosing to stay relaxed this whole semester. This is only because I have realized there is truly nothing that important to waste my thoughts or time worrying about. Figuring out papers, projects, work schedules and volleyball practices are all a blessing. I have an opportunity to go to college, to have a job, and play sports. I do not see a negative in any of these. So next time you are feeling overwhelmed, decide to be thankful instead. 

My family, they are all amazing!

I am so thankful for my friends, they always help me through anything.

My Mac! It saves me so much time and effort.

Spring Break 2011, cannot wait.


About lindsayyshort
i enjoy music. i hate clutter. i like to work out. im moved by nature. im inspired by people. i adore my family. i love life.

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