Interview with Kneale Mann

An interview with Kneale Mann by Barbara Nixon shed some light on a lot of useful information such as:

1. to become a better writer…write yourself!

2. comments mean more than you think…you like it, and so will others.

3. network yourself…Twitter, Facebook, blogging, etc. Others will comment on your writing and give you various feedback.

4. be careful to broadcast too much about the company that you work for because you are still representing your company (and yourself).

Everything overlaps and coincides with everything else: PR, social media, marketing, advertising, communications, etc. Just like getting a job in business may still require you to tap into your communications skills, getting a job in event planning will still use skills from marketing and social media.

Mann also says to not worry about the changing technology. Well, worry is a relative term, but what he says during this interview is that there is no stopping technology; therefore, it’s inevitable that everyone will have to become acclimated to the changing technology.


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