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On April 21, 2011 Video Interviews to the Rescue by: Chelsey Lynn

If I hadn’t known what TOW #12 was, I wouldn’t have been able to understand what this blog post was about. As the title states, the blog, I would assume, would be about video interviews and how they can help me. The content of this blog doesn’t seem to relate whatsoever about video blogs. However, what she did have to say and the things that she said she learned from this interview were great points–one of which is the exercise of writing when you don’t even know what to write about. Simply the action of writing can evoke a topic and produce a blog post.

On April 21, 2011 Podcast? What for? by: Whitney Gonzalez

The three points of why a company should podcast is very on target. If any company were to become aware of these reasons, I don’t see why any company would hesitate podcasting their information. She made a good point for churches to podcast their sermons. Most modern-day churches today have online web streams and/or morning broadcasts of their services live. To have their sermons in another form of media would only reach another portion of people. Although this could cause a small controversy in the hard-core churchgoers with the argument of being surrounded by a body of believers and being in communion with one another; however, this would help in simply spreading the Word.

On April 21, 2011 When having a virus is a good thing… by: Laurie Lea

She gave great examples of viral videos. Of her three examples, I would assume that everyone has seen at least one of the videos. Going viral would almost ensure that. The reasoning of why videos can go viral is very appropriate and relevant, but there can be more videos. Basically anything that people are remotely interested in, if the video has humor or relatability (like Laurie said), or if it’s grotesque, has any type of shock factor, is mildly (or openly) crude or critical then most people would like it and, therefore, make the video become viral. Obviously no one can predict how people react because humor, shock, etc. is all subjective to the audience. This is why it’s still, for the most part, unknown as to what might become viral over time (or over night).

On April 21, 2011 Character Matters by: Mike Trivett

This blog post proved it’s reasoning! It was very encouraging to me…and in a way, convicting as well. For myself, I work in the restaurant business and it’s hard for me to take pride in what I do because I don’t want to do that for the rest of my life; it’s simply a job that pays the bills. However, this blog encouraged me to take pride in the little things that I’m doing (such as this job or even the homework that may or may not be pointless). By practicing this exercise in any situation, it will become easier to portray my pride later on in life. And just like Mike, I would hope that it would be appreciated by those whom I surround.

On April 21, 2011 What is Foursquare?? by: Stephen Ponce

I asked myself the same question when this service first came to my knowledge, along with many other questions, such as: Seriously? Another social media networking site? I’m all for networking, but sometimes it gets overwhelming to participate in ALL of them. Therefore, I decided to educate myself on this particular one, like Stephen did. I agree with Stephen that this is a great tool for businesses and customers to utilize; however, I can’t get over the fact of how accessible it would make me. I thoroughly enjoy social media networks, and it’s inevitable that once you begin to participate in even just one form of social media that your privacy is invaded; but this new network might just breach my comfortability. I’m all for obtaining to specials and rewards from using these sites, and I’m certainly willing to allow companies to gain exposure through mine as well as others use of this site; however, the thought of people knowing exactly where I am everywhere I go is a little unnerving. Maybe it’s one of those things that you just have to try.


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