Viral Videos

What makes videos go viral? Is it that they are hilarious? Or maybe they are so relatable? Whatever it may be, there are many different examples on types of videos that have gone viral.

David After Dentist


Cats Playing Patty-Cake – what they were saying

For these above videos, they are mostly popular because they are common people/things that add humor to everyday life. These things are relatable–we have all gone to the dentist and probably all been under some type of anesthesia, we have all seen or heard the hilariously funny things that come out of kids’ mouths, and we have all seen animals playing together and often (for some) wondered what exactly are they saying to each other. These videos were produced by common people who maybe wanted to share with friends or family on a public portal, and once the rest of the public gained notice of these they became viral. And for these people, as well as most other videos that have gone viral, they are now gaining money off of advertisements that have embedded themselves in each view that the video gets.


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2 Responses to Viral Videos

  1. laurielea says:

    I have never seen the “Blood” video before! I think the parent and child videos are so successful as viral videos is because so many parents (and children) can relate in some way. I know as a mother of two small children, they do say and do some hair-brained things at times. I love that our modern technology can help us to share these awesome moments with each other. Priceless.

    Now I can’t get that kid’s voice out of my head. So funny.

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