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Classmate Melanie Shoults had some fabulous things to say about Coca-Cola and their social media usage:

I tweeted about a marketing project on Coca-Cola I was doing for a class and referred to @CocaColaCo. Within an hour, they had tweeted me back, posting a link to their “Student Resources” webpage.

Just like any good PR pro would say, keeping in communication with the company’s customers is vital to maintaining online customer relations.

When another follower posted a question to @CocaCola about a song Coke used in one of their ads, they immediately replied with a link to an information request form where he could get the information he needed. Thus, I believe they are making very good use of their Twitter account.

Although most of their communication on that Twitter account is in English, they don’t just tweet in English. Coca-Cola is a worldwide corporation and they realize that not all their customers speak one language, so they’ve created an account for nearly every region they do business in, like Spain, Singapore, Germany, Brazil, etc. Just two days ago, I saw they tweeted a response to a follower in Portuguese, even though he had tagged the “English” account.

They even deal with customer complaints on Twitter.

On yesterday, one person from Italy was ranting about how weird American bottled water was because we feel the need to purify and filter our water.

He tagged @CocaCola and @Nestle.

Coke replied within 45 minutes with what seemed to come straight out of their PR manual: “Its done to remove most minerals and impurities from our local bottler’s water supply.” But it’s still better than Nestle’s answer a day later….. nothing.


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