What I Learned – Final

During my semester of Social Media class with Professor Nixon, I learned a lot about, none other than, social media. Who would have thought?! Although there were many times during this class that the question of, “Why?” seemed to slip my lips, or perhaps the occasion that my hair may have fallen out in a few places, I did receive a lot of knowledge.

I appreciated most the blog requirements. Even though it was the most frustrating assignment, for me personally, I did learn a lot in all of the posts: topics of the week, PR connections, and in commenting on others blogs. This had such a wide variety of different aspects throughout social media that I was able to become aware of, be educated on, and write about them.

My favorite topic of the week was when we had to discuss our favorite super bowl commercial. I, of course, watched the super bowl secretly only to see the commercials. My friends and I had fun debating which ones were our favorite or which ones we thought were superfluous. A lot of us agreed on the typical Doritos and beer commercials–specifically Bud Light. It was interesting to see what big companies with lots of money can pull together for commercials that will gain millions of views.

It was also interesting to read what others in the class thought about certain commercials. Some marked particular commercials as offensive, which at first I was surprised. Upon reading their reasoning and perspective, I could understand their point of view; however, at some point I think that you have to kick back and say, “It’s the media.” There are only so many limitations that we can put on them, and they on us.

Overall, I thought this was a very beneficial class for my knowledge of social media and to enable me in my upcoming future. I feel more prepared to encounter future public relations endeavors.